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Here is the archive of The Flower Deli blog. It finishes at the end of the 2019 season where I ceased growing edible flowers to sell.
I hope you enjoy the lovely photos and journey in these past blog posts.

Visit to see what I do now.

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The end of the 2019 season

The end of the 2019 season

Published: 1st Nov 2019

We've come to the end of the 2019 season, so it's a nice time to say thank you and show off some of the beautiful creations from this year.

August edible flowers & floral cakes

August edible flowers & floral cakes

Published: 1st Aug 2019

Even though I am fully booked now for the rest of the season here's an August edible flowers update as well as some beautiful floral cakes.

Edible flowers for July

Edible flowers for July

Published: 3rd Jul 2019

It's July and we're right in the middle of summer where the most varieties of edible flowers are in blossom here in The Flower Deli garden and man are they looking gorgeous.

Early summer edible flower mixes

Early summer edible flower mixes

Published: 1st Jun 2019

It's June, hoorah! And the early summer edible flower mixes are back. Buy gorgeous punnets of edible flowers for cakes and desserts, cocktails and drinks or a lovely seasonal mix that can be used for your sweet and savoury dishes.

Special spring flower mix

Special spring flower mix

Published: 14th Apr 2019

Spring is here! To get the season off to a happy, colourful start here's a special spring edible flower mix at a special price too.

Thank you! Fully booked for the season

Thank you! Fully booked for the season

Published: 9th Aug 2018

We are fully booked for the remainder of the 2018 season and can't take any more orders. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported this little business for another year!

Edible flowers for July

Edible flowers for July

Published: 1st Jul 2018

Wow, what a summer this has been so far! The flowers are certainly loving all of this sunshine and that means abundance and colour. Here are the gorgeous edible flowers going out in our July punnets.

Edible flowers for early summer

Edible flowers for early summer

Published: 2nd Jun 2018

We're sliding into early summer quite nicely with more than a decent amount of sunshine and warm rain, which the plants are loving. So here are the lovely edible flowers in bloom for our early June mixed punnets.

The 2018 season has begun

The 2018 season has begun

Published: 23rd Apr 2018

It feels so good to be able to say that our 2018 season has begun. We are starting off with a special, limited spring edible flowers punnet with a lovely mix of colourful seasonal flowers.

We’ll be back in the spring!

We’ll be back in the spring!

Published: 1st Oct 2017

Autumn has well and truly arrived in Nottingham and our 2017 season has now come to an end. We will be back in the spring with more beautiful, seasonal fresh edible flowers for you.