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Rose infused hand salve…and plant nostalgia

Rose infused hand salve…and plant nostalgia

Published: 31st Aug 2020

Making a rose infused hand salve takes me back many years through the strong connections plants create.

When I nurture my plants, I nurture myself

When I nurture my plants, I nurture myself

Published: 1st Jun 2020

Simple acts of gardening allow us to not just nurture our plants but also ourselves, both physically and emotionally. There are so many ways, here are a few.

That thing you’re feeling… It’s biophilia

That thing you’re feeling… It’s biophilia

Published: 10th May 2020

If like me you find reassurance, calm and restoration among plants and trees then you'll know how real that connection is. That thing you're feeling is biophilia.

Windowsill herb pesto

Windowsill herb pesto

Published: 6th Apr 2020

I once heard a chef on Radio 4 say that to make pesto you can use any green herb, any nuts and any cheese. With windowsill herbs and cupboard ingredients, here goes!

The first rose - Primrose

The first rose - Primrose

Published: 28th Mar 2020

It isn't a rose at all, not even in the same family but wow does this beauty deserve the title. Here's a shout out to the humble, dainty primrose.

Gorse flower cordial

Gorse flower cordial

Published: 29th Feb 2020

When gorse is out of bloom, kissing is out of season. When gorse is in bloom, make refreshing gorse flower cordial and floral ice.

On Flowers by Amy Merrick

On Flowers by Amy Merrick

Published: 16th Feb 2020

I heard Amy say in a podcast that she had waited nearly a decade to write this book. What she has created is testament to doing something at the right time for the most perfect result.

The connections plants make

The connections plants make

Published: 15th Feb 2020

I don't think it's any accident that when we make connections with plants, we make connections with each other. Plants and flowers soften us in a way that's quite unique.

Petal printed top

Petal printed top

Published: 9th Feb 2020

Of anything I've ever created using flowers and plants, this is one of my all time favourites. It has the perfect combination of simplicity, satisfaction and a beautiful outcome.

For a happier winter

For a happier winter

Published: 19th Jan 2020

Never in a million years would I have thought I'd enjoy winter but here it is, a happier time than those before.