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End of the 2016 season

Published: 30th Sep 2016

It has been a wonderful first season here at The Flower Deli which has now come to an end. We will begin again in spring 2017 (woohoo!) when we will have even more beautiful edible flowers for you.

Edible pansy flowers in Nottingham

We grow our fresh edible flowers seasonally and naturally in Nottingham and with our UK winter climate it means our flower sales stop for a short time from the autumn until the spring. We'll still be busy over the colder months sowing seeds, growing on more plants, cleaning, clearing and preparing our greenhouses, beds and borders ready for a fabulous new season in 2017.

I'm so excited about next year, I almost wish it was spring already (but with all of the work done!) because if next year is as good as this year its going to be great! Special thanks must go to my gorgeous customers of course for supporting The Flower Deli. I can't wait to bring you even more flowers next year.

If you have any queries or requests for next spring, you don't have to wait until the new year, drop me a line any time.