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Early summer edible flower mixes

Published: 1st Jun 2019

It's June, hoorah! And the early summer edible flower mixes are back. Buy gorgeous punnets of edible flowers for cakes and desserts, cocktails and drinks or a lovely seasonal mix that can be used for your sweet and savoury dishes.

Edible flowers in June and flower cake

Don't forget to check the Flowers section as well as my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so see which beauties are in bloom. At this time of year everything changes so fast and just keeps getting better over the coming weeks. Lots to look forward to!

Edible flowers dishes - salads, drinks and ice lollies

Below are some of the flowers you can expect to see coming out to you in early June and there will be more and more as the season goes on.

Pansies & violas :: Nasturtiums :: Borage :: Fuchsia :: Calendula :: Bellis daisies :: Dianthus :: Roses :: Chamomile

Also coming very soon are:

Cornflowers :: Lavender :: Nigella :: Dahlias :: Candytuft :: Anchusa

Hop over to the online shop to order yours!