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Here at The Flower Deli we grow fresh, seasonal edible flowers for professional and amateur chefs, bakers and mixologists.

We are a tiny business based in Nottingham and our flowers are best enjoyed for celebration cakes, cocktails and canapes for small events. Use our flowers as garnish for your drinks or bakes or as an ingredient to your dish, such as salads and spring rolls.

We are not able to supply wholesale or in very large amounts for restaurants (maybe in the future).

Ordering flowers from us

Please see the flowers currently available in our blog & flower pages.

If you would like to order some of our gorgeous edible flowers or just have some questions then please do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

We have more information about ordering, prices and delivery here.

Growing naturally and safely

It is important to us that our business is safe for both human flower eaters and the environment and wildlife around us. That's why we grow our flowers naturally without chemical pesticides or other harmful chemicals and employ organic growing methods.

Our business is registered with the local authority and food hygiene and safety inspections have been carried out successfully.

We use natural plant food made from worm-castings and plant-based ingredients which are all food-safe. To protect our plants from pests and diseases we grow some undercover and for the plants outdoors we use barriers, natural treatments like garlic sprays and employ a little help from the ladybirds and other friendly creatures as well as companion plants. No sythetic chemicals are used here and never, ever anything that would harm bees or other wildlife. We use peat-free compost in our containers and our garden soil is only ever fed with compost and natural, organic soil conditioners and fertilisers (e.g. such as worm castings, home made compost, manure).

Horticultural history

Vic, the owner of The Flower Deli, spent most of her childhood amongst the sunflowers, marigolds and tomatoes of her parents' beautiful, ever-blooming and productive garden, which set in a life-long love of nature, plants and flowers. In more recent years she gained her Royal Horticultural Society Principles in Horticulture qualifications and spent a very happy season volunteering in the commercial but family-run environment of Ashdale Nursery in Nottinghamshire. She is now applying everything she learned and everything she loves to The Flower Deli.

Using edible flowers

Like any other food, especially when trying it for the first time, we all need to make sure we are using it safely. Here's a guide to using and eating edible flowers.

Flower availability

Because we grow our plants seasonally, the availability of flowers changes throughout the year, so please check our Flowers section and Blog to find out what is on offer or do get in touch. Additionally, our range of flowers will increase over time so new items will be added which aren't necessariy found on the website now.

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