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Please note: I am not currently taking any new edible flowers orders for 2019 or 2020

I spent most of my childhood amongst the sunflowers, marigolds and tomatoes of my parents' beautiful, ever-blooming and productive garden, which set in a life-long love of nature, plants and flowers. I later gained my Royal Horticultural Society Principles in Horticulture qualifications and spent a very happy season volunteering in the commercial but family-run environment of Ashdale Nursery in Nottinghamshire. These days I apply everything I'm continually learning and everything I love about horticulture and the natural world to The Flower Deli.

In 2006 I began growing and selling edible flowers commercially to bakers, chefs and mixologists. It was a dream of mine to see my flowers used by culinary artists for occassions of celebration and love. Take a look at my Customer Creations page to see some of the beautiful cakes and dishes.

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On these pages you'll see more than edible flowers now. I love everything about plants and the wide range of benefits they can bring from their beauty, nutrition and healing properties. Head over to the blog to see more.

Using edible flowers

Like any other food, especially when trying it for the first time, we all need to make sure we are using it safely. Here's a guide to using and eating edible flowers.