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The Flower Deli logoIn 2016 I established The Flower Deli and began growing and selling edible flowers to bakers, chefs and mixologists in Nottinghamshire. The following year there was demand for my flowers further afield, so I set up my online shop and posted punnets of edible blooms all over the UK. It was a dream come true to see my flowers used by culinary artists for occasions of celebration and love. Through my edible flowers business I met some wonderful people, learned more than I could have imagined and got involved in some great local events.

In 2019 I became increasingly fascinated by the connections between nature and human health and wellbeing. I closed The Flower Deli as an edible flowers business and began to pursue my new interest. This certainly isn't the end of edible flowers, I still grow and use them. I will always love edible flowers!

Thank you to everyone who supported The Flower Deli.

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