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Edible flowers - Violas

Published: 22nd Feb 2015

Just look at their cute little faces. I always think of violas as one of the most recognisable edible flowers, smiling away all year round ready to brighten up a winter salad here or a summer wedding cake there.

Viola heartsease are edible flowers

It's definitely worth mentioning right away that not all violas are edible and just as with any plant you must be totally sure of its species and variety before you pop it in your pie hole. Here are the ones you can eat: Viola cornuta, Viola hybrida, Viola tricolor, Viola x williamsiana, Viola odorata.

Viola flowers are edible

Viola 'Heartsease' earned its name as historically it was used as a medicinal herb and even a love potion. I can't guarantee any aphrodisiac properties but impress your date with a viola garnish and you may well get lucky!

Edible viola flowers

Viola flavour

Because their flavour is mild, kind of 'green' and lettuce-like, violas can partner up with lots of other tastes, whether stronger or similar. They work best of all as the showy ingredient to a dish, a little sparkle to make you smile.