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Rocket flower brunch

Published: 26th Apr 2015

Edible flower brunch with rocket flowers

The best thing about those days when you don't have to be at work or rush out somewhere is brunch. Brunch with flowers? Well even better, especially when they are as beautiful as rocket flowers.

Rocket edible flower with eggs for brunch

Their petals remind me of little wings and so very often we don't get to see them because rocket is usually harvested before the flowers come. They say that the rocket leaves are not very nice once the plant has flowered but actually these were good so they got a place in my precious brunch too.

Rocket leaves and edible rocket flowers dish

Rocket flowers taste just like the leaves but milder, so if you're not a fan of the leaves' usual peppery taste then the flowers might just be for you.

Brunch with edible rocket flowers

Seeing as you can grow rocket right through the season I'm looking forward to adding more of these beauties to our meals.