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Love hearts with borage & anchusa flowers

Published: 14th Feb 2015

Chocolate is brown and borage is blue, sometimes. But wow look at these gorgeous colours together. I'm going to say the cliche - its a match made in heaven.

Edible borage flowers and brownie hearts

I could waffle on with lots more Valentine's cheesiness but there will be enough of that today.

Edible borage flowers on chocolate brownies

These brownies were made for our dear friends' wedding anniversary party. Imagine how boring they would have been with no pretty borage and anchusa flowers showing them off on top of their hazelnut spread frosting. I'm no Mary Berry but I tell you what, these bakes were goooood.

Edible flowers of borage and anchusa and chocolate brownies

Anchusa is perfect for topping cakes and desserts because its flavour is mild and unassuming. Borage adds a cheeky little contrast with its fresh, cucumber taste against the rich chocolatiness. Is that even a word? Well it should be.