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Lilac sugar

Published: 13th May 2015

If there was a signature scent of May, for me it would be lilac and I love that you can capture its beautiful perfume in food. I've made three sweet treats from one beautiful purple lilac and the first is so easy yet so gorgeous.

Sugar infused with edible lilac flowers

If there was a competition for easiness, lilac sugar would come first and if there was a competition for prettiness it would also definitely be a winner.

Lilac flower sugar

Lilac sugar is just made from layering clean, dry lilac flowers and sugar in a jar. Leave them in for a couple of days so that the sugar has time to infuse the lilac scent and then sift them out.

Edible lilac flowers sugar

My favourite use for the sugar so far is sprinkled on donuts but there are so many things you could pop it in, or on.