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Forget-Me-Nots on the rocks

Published: 19th Apr 2015

Edible flowers in ice cubes

Even though we're still in April you could be forgiven for thinking it was summer some of these warm spring days. I'm not complaining, I'm totally going with it - sunglasses, short sleeves, iced drinks and all.

Making edible flower ice cubes

Forget-me-nots edible flower ice

Forget-me-nots are in abundance in my garden and everywhere right now. I was thinking they would make great food confetti but inspired by the beautiful weather I decided on flower ice cubes and I'm really glad I did. Oooh so pretty!

Ice cubes with edible flowers forget-me-nots

Edible flower ice in drinks

When the summer comes for real I've decided that I don't want to drink anything unless it has a flower ice cube in it. Yes, except for tea and coffee, silly.