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Edible flowers - Primulas & Primroses

Published: 1st Mar 2015

Primulas are here, like an alarm clock for spring. Some of them are delicate and unassuming and others showy enough to compete with any brassy summer bloom. All are gorgeous.

Primulas are edible spring flowers

You might see cowslips and wild primroses out in the countryside, with their delicate lemon coloured petals, slighly bowed down. Then you have the crazy coloured primroses you'll see brightening up spring gardens in pinks and reds and purples, not to mention the gold laced primulas, the biggest show-offs of all.

Pink primula or primrose edible flowers

All are as low maintenance as each other and the more you pick the flowers the more they'll produce, going on and on for weeks. It is literally the plant that keeps on giving.

Yellow primroses edible flowers

And that's not all. These beauties can be used in sweet as well as savoury dishes and can even be used to make syrups, teas and cracking crystallised petals. I'm a bit jealous of their talents actually.

Edible primula flower

Primrose and primula dishes

Liquorice ice cream with primulas

Pink primula and pea shoot salad