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Basil flower brandy peaches

Published: 1st Dec 2014

I don't like brandy. Too many flashbacks of one over indulgent evening on the stuff many years ago. But brandy over baked peaches with maple syrup, basil flowers and creme fraiche, now you're talking.

Brandy peaches with edible basil flowers

That's a much happier flashback to the summer when I made this.

I'm a great big basil fan anyway. There's nothing nicer than sticking your face right into the plant and taking a huge sniff of that glorious scent. What a mighty herb!

A basil flower dessert with brandy peaches

Basil does have a more gentle side though and that's when it flowers. The basil flower flavour is like the leaves but more subtle and delicate, perfect for a dessert where you don't want it to overpower. What could be more reminiscent of the summer months than peaches and basil? Well yes, eaton mess or strawberries with cream I suppose!

Edible basil flowers with peaches

Any herb grower knows that usually we try our best to keep this plant from flowering to prolong its life. Once the flowers appear, it's usually curtains for our basil friend but if you have a few basil plants, just let one or two go to flower and give them a try. They taste beautiful and look so pretty.