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Liquorice ice cream with primroses

Liquorice ice cream with primroses

Published: 30th Mar 2015

Not everyone digs on eating grey food. It's okay, I get it. But they obviously haven't tried this glorious home made liquorice ice cream with pretty primroses.

Edible flowers - Primulas & Primroses

Edible flowers - Primulas & Primroses

Published: 1st Mar 2015

Primulas are here, like an alarm clock for spring. Some of them are delicate and unassuming and others showy enough to compete with any brassy summer bloom. All are gorgeous.

Edible flowers - Violas

Edible flowers - Violas

Published: 22nd Feb 2015

Just look at their cute little faces. I always think of violas as one of the most recognisable edible flowers, smiling away all year round ready to brighten up a winter salad here or a summer wedding cake there.

Love hearts with borage & anchusa flowers

Love hearts with borage & anchusa flowers

Published: 14th Feb 2015

Chocolate is brown and borage is blue, sometimes. But wow look at these gorgeous colours together. I'm going to say the cliche - its a match made in heaven.

Basil flower brandy peaches

Basil flower brandy peaches

Published: 1st Dec 2014

I don't like brandy. Too many flashbacks of one over indulgent evening on the stuff many years ago. But brandy over baked peaches with maple syrup, basil flowers and creme fraiche, now you're talking.

Edible flowers - Sunflowers

Edible flowers - Sunflowers

Published: 28th Oct 2014

Don't sunflowers make you feel all dreamy? Don't they just conjure up images of strolling through the Provencal countryside, a clear blue sky and fields full of these golden giants, you in a floaty dress (or flares?) with long, red hair looking all 'Florence and the Machine' under that low, late summer sunshine.