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Edible flowers - Rocket

Edible flowers - Rocket

Published: 19th Jun 2015

If there ever was a photogenic edible flower, its the rocket flower. Usually we don't get to see them unless the rocket plant is allowed to go to flower so it feels like you're let in on a lovely secret.

Lilac sorbet & syrup

Lilac sorbet & syrup

Published: 17th May 2015

The other two treats in the trio of lilac goodies are lilac sorbet and lilac syrup. Both made with purple lilac flowers and decorated with pure white ones.

Lilac sugar

Lilac sugar

Published: 13th May 2015

If there was a signature scent of May, for me it would be lilac and I love that you can capture its beautiful perfume in food. I've made three sweet treats from one beautiful purple lilac, this is the first.

I’m supporting Sign for Victory

I’m supporting Sign for Victory

Published: 4th May 2015

Allotments have much more value than the price of the land they sit on. They feed, educate, heal and unite communities and are as vital as ever. That's why I'm supporting the Sign for Victory campaign.

Rocket flower brunch

Rocket flower brunch

Published: 26th Apr 2015

The best thing about those days when you don't have to be at work or rush out somewhere is brunch. Brunch with flowers? Well even better, especially when they are as beautiful as rocket flowers.

Forget-Me-Nots on the rocks

Forget-Me-Nots on the rocks

Published: 19th Apr 2015

Even though we're still in April you could be forgiven for thinking it was summer some of these warm spring days. I'm not complaining, I'm totally going with it - sunglasses, short sleeves, iced drinks and all.

Pink primula and pea shoot salad

Pink primula and pea shoot salad

Published: 13th Apr 2015

Pea shoots has to be one of the best flavours you can pick straight from the garden and that's saying something. With a primula partner, together they look so pretty and taste so sweet.

Liquorice ice cream with primroses

Liquorice ice cream with primroses

Published: 30th Mar 2015

Not everyone digs on eating grey food. It's okay, I get it. But they obviously haven't tried this glorious home made liquorice ice cream with pretty primroses.

Edible flowers - Primulas & Primroses

Edible flowers - Primulas & Primroses

Published: 1st Mar 2015

Primulas are here, like an alarm clock for spring. Some of them are delicate and unassuming and others showy enough to compete with any brassy summer bloom. All are gorgeous.

Edible flowers - Violas

Edible flowers - Violas

Published: 22nd Feb 2015

Just look at their cute little faces. I always think of violas as one of the most recognisable edible flowers, smiling away all year round ready to brighten up a winter salad here or a summer wedding cake there.