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Growing season underway

Growing season underway

Published: 16th Apr 2016

After a busy winter preparing the greenhouses and garden, this years growing season is well underway with lots of healthy seedlings soon to become delicious edible flowers.

Edible flower lollipops

Edible flower lollipops

Published: 14th Feb 2016

Don't you love it when something is super simple to make and yet looks so effective? These edible flower lollipops are just like that.

Edible flower ice cream sprinkles

Edible flower ice cream sprinkles

Published: 19th Jul 2015

Forget hundreds and thousands, choc chips and those little silver balls that nearly break your teeth. Edible flowers make the prettiest ice cream sprinkles of all.

Rose panna cotta

Rose panna cotta

Published: 30th Jun 2015

When we go to my in-laws for dinner, sometimes my husband’s mum will ask if we want panna cotta for dessert. I always, every time say “yes please!”

Chocolate dipped borage strawberries

Chocolate dipped borage strawberries

Published: 28th Jun 2015

I actually remember the first time I ever tried strawberries dipped in melted chocolate. I was catching up with a friend at her house when she produced a punnet of strawberries, a bar of chocolate and a fondue set.

Edible flowers - Borage

Edible flowers - Borage

Published: 21st Jun 2015

Borage, what a star. This little edible flower is friend to bees and human flower eaters alike. Because of its pretty shape, bright blue colour and light cucumber flavour it works with sweet and savoury dishes and looks great in drinks.

Roast veggies & edible radish flowers

Roast veggies & edible radish flowers

Published: 19th Jun 2015

Roast veggies has to be one of my favourite dishes and even more so when some of the ingredients come from your own garden. Home grown onions and edible flowers from the radishes, yes!

Edible flowers - Chives

Edible flowers - Chives

Published: 19th Jun 2015

Who would have thought that such a sweet looking little flower could have so much flavour? Well it does. Loved by bees and flora eating folk, chive flowers are pleasing in so many ways.

Chive flower cream cheese

Chive flower cream cheese

Published: 19th Jun 2015

I've been willing the chive flowers to open for the past couple of weeks just so I could make something deeeelicious with them and here we are, chive flower cream cheese.

Edible flowers - Rocket

Edible flowers - Rocket

Published: 19th Jun 2015

If there ever was a photogenic edible flower, its the rocket flower. Usually we don't get to see them unless the rocket plant is allowed to go to flower so it feels like you're let in on a lovely secret.